My name is Ragnheiður, you can see that my name is written with ð, that is an Icelandic letter which is pronounced with the tongue 4 mm out

just below your front teeth( you will look like Britney Spears)  you use the sound of Icelandic pronounce of e and

in English the sound of ð is in the word bath the letters t and h together will form the sound of ð. Then you blow softly, I think the letter

ð is necessary when pronouncing my name so try to think of the letters th instead of the letter d which I usually use for the visual affect

of my name. As you can see I like my native tongue, we have more letter which are difficult to understand, like for example the letter

æ. It is often used in Icelandic language. Æ is pronounced like this, that's just to easy for you, it is pronounced like my favorite word

in English,  Æ is just like I in English.

Art film

My photos link is under this true green rock.

Down under... there is a red rock, but Iceland has a green one!!

Want to have picture? Here are some :)

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