To be or not to be 

 In the hurry of the day we get confused. Often we think to much about other peoples' opinions.  We do not, follow our own inner voice all the time. Mostly we are not conscious and then we walk over people in our hurry and all sort´s of behavior in-between (and in our hurry we walk over people without paying attention to them. We may sometimes feel different in a bad sense, e.g. not being able to sleep, because of this 'rampage') It is possible to follow even God to litterally and that will not serve us either very well. It is good to help when someone ask us for help. Remember the person has to ask for help with the exception, toddler, and try  to help even if we are supposed to be somewhere else after a short time. 

Í annríki dagsins verðum all oft ringluð við ákvarðannatökur eða aðra ábyrgðir sem að við þurfum að taka frá andartaki til andartaks. Skoðannir annara geta ruglað okkur í ríminu  við semja framtíðina í núinu. Við erum oft ekki með fulla meðvitund um áhrif hegðunnar okkar á aðra í kringum okkur svo sem fjölskyldur vini eða vinnufélaga. Hegðunnar sem getur einkennst af því að taka ekki eftir hlusta ekki á eða við erum hreinlega ekki til staðar, núna ákkurat á þesssu augnabliki, fyrir okkur eða náungan. Hegðannirnar eru mismunandi það fer allt eftir því hvað fyllir heilahvolfin það og það skiptið. Það gætu verið ungabarnið heima þegar við erum í vinnunni eða aldraður ættingji , fjárhagsáhyggjur og allt mögulegt, gott er að skipta um um hugsannir og hafa vinnuhugsannir í vinnunni og heimilishugsannir heima. Samskipti okkar geta verið lituð með allaveganna skoðunum annara og okkar eigin á getu og virkni. Ef að samskipti okkar einkennast af reiði þá er komin tími á að skoða hvað leynist í skjóðu minninga okkar hreinsa til eins og í bílskurnum eða tölvunni það er gert með því að deleta ruslinu. við deletum með fyrirgefningunni og með því að kveðja gamlar hugsannir og skoðannir annara sem að koma upp. Gott er að geta hjálpað öðrum ef að þeir biðja um hjálp og einungis ef að þeir biðja um hjálp undantekning er að vísu óvitar, veikir eða fatlaðir.

In the hurry of the day we often become confused while making decisions and doing other things that affect our everyday life's. 

 We become confused.  We cannot let rules rule us when they do not make any reason or sense. The system´s are supposed to help us as a group, but the government-system´s are kept up by layers, and the people with money, whom we think are better than us, so we keep on voting for them, because think they are better than us. 

No they are not any better than us they just know how to look good and act cool. I know some of us are sick and some of us are troubled, but so are the people in the system´s, they are all playing a game, and the name of the boring game is: I am all about me. It´s  all about their ego.

 So we are in a dilemma of ego´s what is a ego thinking of?  it´s thinking of someone who will take care of them and respect them and their power. So we are caring for them, and guess what, they are not caring for us.  We are just a group with a number in their head.

 Take it easy and take a deep breath, this is all like we wished for, we do not have any responsibilities? we do not have to. Or what? Why are we paying all their fun, take a deep breath again, we are responsible we vote for them. 

So you see we have influence. Yes we have the power together, all of us, Yes, we have the power. We will have to take the power to us now, We can stop buying things like to much medicine, Why? 

Big Companies rule the laws and if we stop buying from them they ill have to take it slower, and we should buy only good things for us like healing food´s, a food  who is healing for us and the land. What is healing for us? We might ask? 

We will feel what is healing for us, We will get to know the difference between real need or superficial one. What do we need? If we are thirsty, Water or Coca-cola?  What do you think? what do we do?  shall we give a big company´s our money or can we make our live better by choosing right. 

By choosing us, by voting for our live´s and stop bleeding our money and our life for someone how want´s a piece of our pie. Our pie is for us. Our pie is meant for us!  And our grace comes to us from higher power. So use our blessings. They are for us, we are so worth it.

 I think so. What do you think?

Little big things.

Weird booklet  i found on the internet

God is totally pissed of with us. When I say us, it is us all, We never listen and we are always in the dark and we misunderstand what he says.

(So God is going to let us kill each other in a war between religion´s which we are just stepping in now at this moment. "He is just taking of our blessings now" Or, so say´s this free book in the link.
This book is after a man named Ron and he is saying that he is god witness. This is Simply wrong if you look at the Bible. Sometimes Americans and others are just to occupied of them self's. The Bible say´s this about the end times  made simple.)

The "Kings of the Earth" Give Their Power to Babylon
- Revelation 17 describes the whore of Babylon who deceives the whole world into following and worshipping her. And in Rev.17:12 it says that the kings of the earth receive power with the beast. Rev 17:2  With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

Rev 17:5  And upon her

Oil from earth is the wine and:
 The Black Stone rests in the Haram, “Sanctuary”, cognate of “harem,” which used to mean a Temple of Women: in Babylon, a shrine of the Goddess Har, mother of harlots. Hereditary guardians of the Haram were the Koreshites, “children of Kore,”. The holy office was originally held by women, before it was taken over by male priests calling themselves Beni Shayban, “Sons of the Old Woman.”

Here was the last warning, but you can find it out for your self by reading about God in Moses. Putting other cities on fire with your own human hand's, is not God.

Rev 18:8 Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her: death, mourning and famine. She will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.

So this city will be burned away, after that we will get 1000 years of peace.

We will make peace. How can we make peace and understand that we are not evil, only childish.
And our power is not right for us. We do not control everything and we are not supposed to.
We are a part of nature not her ruler. We are a part of the universe not it´s king.

We are humans which is one of the species in the world. Why should we be killing our own?

Love each other and make space for each other. How? By stop killing people with all companies also mid-east oil money and government power, that is corrupted by the money companies spend in the government to get power.

I am sorry to say that this weird booklet could become the truth. Why ?  Because we are only as good as our god is, whatever his name is. all gods also they, you might consider your God superior. A holy God that tells you that you are better than others in some weird way.

Does your god allow killing of people or is your god cruel to animals, children women, different colored people , poor people and the nature.
in the name of one holy God or golden stones, coins, cars, houses, blaming other´s, food, vine, drugs, sex, violence and fame.
None of those will bring you peace in body mind or spirit.

So let´s stop this act of silly childish games and grow up. Because killing each other will not bring us together, it will only draw us further a part.
And nor does thinking that our god is the best one.

No one is better only different. We have all the same right´s. No matter what kind of color, sex, age, skin, look´s, brains or how disable we are. So rich people stop playing games with other´s lives. And poor people open your eyes, look around you and see what you can do. You always have everything you need in your live without badmouthing or cursing others.

I am not talking about killing people or putting buildings on fire.
No look for what you can do like grow vegetables and making new small businesses.
And protest peacefully, yes we can protest peacefully.
You who are angry use your energy to make good things grow like putting seeds somewhere in a good place to grow like positive protest. We can protest peacefully with a respect for each other.
We do not have to use things or buy things that are bad for us. So open our eyes and buy only healthy food.
The busyness people have to be told, they make profit where ever they can. Their mindset is often only like that.
So their god is coins, he is kind of simple god. So remind them by buying only good things for us.
Every thing that is bad will stop to exist when there is no demand for it.
The people of the god of coins work by the law of coins.

So if we control our self's or get help when we cant. We can stop things to be like they are. But that is for each and everyone of us to think about because all of us together make this species which is on earth and is called human's .
So pleas think, and think of what kind of world, we want the future have. And make it a nice one.

While I was sick I heard that we had a Arabic spring, where people of mid east origin used one of their God or misused him to get power over peaceful protest that made me sad and God has felt really sad about you abusing a idea about God to kill the peaceful people of Syria. And lying or making up some dirty deeds of Syria president just to by able to take the live of God's innocent people. God is angry now, yes really. Do not look at me. I did not tell you to do this.

Who is to blame knows his blame.
We will forgive and put the people in prison that broke and destroyed the fabric of society, which is made by Gods love.


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